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Practise Psychiatry in Canada!

Advance your medical career in British Columbia

Psychiatry Jobs in BC, Canada

British Columbia offers diverse practise environments, clinical experiences, and employment options. Browse Psychiatry jobs and see the options available.

We Are Coming To You!

We are pleased to announce that the BC Health Careers Team is coming to Edinburgh, Scotland 17th – 20th June for the Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress.

Have you ever considered working abroad? Come meet the BC Health Careers team to learn why so many physicians choose to live and work in beautiful British Columbia (BC), Canada. 

Visit the BC Health Careers Pavilion and learn about our free services to help you find your ideal medical career in British Columbia (BC) Canada.

During the event you will meet our experts in-person and receive support with a variety of topics such as credentialing and registration, employment opportunities, immigration options, and tips for a successful career transition in BC.

We are excited to share information about

  • Physician credentialing & registration
  • Immigration options
  • How we can support you
  • Living in BC – urban vs. rural
  • Discovering British Columbia
  • Relevant exams
  • The BC health system and regions
  • Job Opportunities & Psychiatry practise in BC

Our knowledgeable representatives will introduce you to the remarkable range of opportunities in British Columbia, and provide you with firsthand knowledge of what it is like to practise medicine in BC.

Join us and discover how you too can live and work in communities across the spectacular province of British Columbia.

Can’t Wait?

Register to connect with Health Match BC’s  free navigation services. We  can assist with licensing, registration, job search and immigration.

Working in the BC Healthcare System

The Government of BC is strengthening the way people are cared for in Canada – providing better, more person-focused services and careers that can make a difference. To learn more, visit

Services We Provide

Health Match BC is a free health professional recruitment service funded by the Government of British Columbia, Canada and is becoming part of

We have been working with BC Public Heath Employers for over 20 years to support recruitment across the province and have successfully recruited thousands of Canadian and international medical graduates to BC.

As an international medical graduate, Health Match BC can facilitate your professional registration by providing expert knowledge and guidance. Our recruitment teams are familiar with every aspect of your Canadian career pathway, and our tailored assistance ensures that your professional goals and lifestyle preferences are met. With our no-cost services supporting you, you can feel confident as you begin your own journey and embark on a healthcare career in BC.

UK Physicians practising in BC, Canada 


“Health Match BC helped me transition to working in British Columbia fantastically. As a doctor to be able to come here and have the clinical freedom to do what we do is fantastic, and I think more rewarding than what I was experiencing before.”

Dr. Jel Coward


“Health Match BC was fantastic. There was a lot of help with securing a job and work permits. Living here… it’s breathtakingly beautiful. Very, very enchanting, the place I want to be a doctor and be happy too.”

Dr. Narayanappa Dayananda


“I’m usually out of the clinic by about 5:00… now I get home to have dinner with my family. We have a lake very close by, and the kids love to go to the beach. I can’t see us being anywhere else. We’re here to stay.”

Dr. Sue Hopkins


“Health Match BC was excellent… even after you’re licensed to practise they don’t leave you. They still help you with immigration and getting permanent residence. I would say that your only regret might be not starting early, not doing it soon.”

Dr. Ibrahim Dodo

Work and Live in British Columbia

BC has a healthcare system that values and respects physicians and offers an outstanding variety of job opportunities. With healthcare facilities diverse in size and scope, you can choose to work in rural or urban areas. Strong physician wages, supportive communities and BC’s collaborative and innovative healthcare culture means you will find rewarding and dynamic career opportunities across BC.

Wherever you choose to live, BC’s spectacular scenery and remarkable recreational experiences are unmatched. Adventure awaits in every corner of the province, from hiking ancient forests, strolling endless beaches, to world-class mountain biking, fishing and skiing. With the majestic mountains, temperate rainforests, deserts, grassy plains, and beaches, you are sure to find your lifestyle preference, and have the opportunity to be introduced to a new one.

Grow your career in BC, a place where nature, community, and lifestyle come together.

BC Public Health Employers

In British Columbia, our health care system is administered by the provincial government. Being a public system means everyone who lives in British Columbia has access to the medical care they need. Our health system is structured to reflect and celebrate the diversity of our province. As a health care professional in British Columbia, you’ll find opportunities to work across our entire province.

In BC, we have eight public health employers that govern, plan and deliver health care services to the people in BC. Five of our public health employers are regionally based and provide service to a particular geographic area. We also have a provincial health authority that delivers provincial programs and specialized services, a faith-based health care provider, and the First Nations Health Authority, which is focused on improving the health and health outcomes for First Nations peoples across the province.


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